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Presenting Sexy Female Cosplay!

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Part of Your World...  - Ariel The Little Mermaid by MoguCosplay Part of Your World... - Ariel The Little Mermaid :iconmogucosplay:MoguCosplay 173 25 Suu - Clover by SaraDarkLight Suu - Clover :iconsaradarklight:SaraDarkLight 1,554 195 Child of the Stars by YurikoSeira Child of the Stars :iconyurikoseira:YurikoSeira 842 96 Elf Deedlit by sara1789 Elf Deedlit :iconsara1789:sara1789 281 47 My will is the source of my power by Titschipoo My will is the source of my power :icontitschipoo:Titschipoo 110 15 A golden hue by AngelaClaytonCosplay A golden hue :iconangelaclaytoncosplay:AngelaClaytonCosplay 366 67 Miku Hatsune Dragon by frosel Miku Hatsune Dragon :iconfrosel:frosel 110 7 reiko mikami cosplay by neliiell reiko mikami cosplay :iconneliiell:neliiell 179 13 Majisuka - Sado by Wan-Mei Majisuka - Sado :iconwan-mei:Wan-Mei 70 11 Kare should be eaten with loved ones by Hitomi-Cosplay Kare should be eaten with loved ones :iconhitomi-cosplay:Hitomi-Cosplay 98 19 Deadly Music by HezaChan Deadly Music :iconhezachan:HezaChan 130 7 Heaven of Bard by yukigodbless Heaven of Bard :iconyukigodbless:yukigodbless 145 28 Lucy - Elfen Lied by LicorneZsu Lucy - Elfen Lied :iconlicornezsu:LicorneZsu 209 22 red - 3 by neko-tin red - 3 :iconneko-tin:neko-tin 123 7 Ironette by NikitaCosplay Ironette :iconnikitacosplay:NikitaCosplay 209 9 Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna : 1000 Winged Words by thebakasaru Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna : 1000 Winged Words :iconthebakasaru:thebakasaru 300 24

E.L.F. Network Bulletin Board

Welcome to the E.L.F. Network Bulletin Board where we post special news and the selected photos/artworks from the daily Featured group submissions(thumbs images) of our sister sites(must also be a part of our network) to promote(to ensure more pageviews, faves, and watchers) our members from those groups, as well as informing them of the special events/contests held by all three groups that they are allowed to participate as long as they are a member of either Ecchi-Fanartists AspiringAnimeArtists and/or Cosplay-Dolls . The materials posted in this board will be updated regularly(atleast once a week), so please check often.

From Our Sister Site :iconaspiringanimeartists::

The Daily Featured Gallery Submissions:

Alisa Bosconovich by Wuduo Angela II by Wuduo
Reiq contest by pleroo Peach on the Beach by Vhalpurga
Arne - Arcadian Knight by XxDevilxXz Aergia - Arcadian Knight by XxDevilxXz
natural killer girl design by dolls-of-paradox Shine by stealthmaria
:thumb208021173: Reiq contest by pleroo
Sleepy Kitty Snuggle by teturo :thumb205227406:

From Our Sister Site :iconecchi-fanartists::

* Featured Gallery Submissions Are Not Applicable For This Group

* Please note that all of the stunning images which are posted in this bulletin are exclusively from our members' submissions within our sister sites that are showcased in their respective "Featured" galleries .

Cosplay-Dolls' Mini-Contest Bulletin!

We are launching new activities just for our group members(you have be a member of Cosplay-Dolls to be able to participate) where he/she can win actual DA points(the points given will depend on the difficulty of the theme presented) as prizes given by the group's Founder(Elf-Hunter). For this game, all you have to do is to be the first one to correctly answer all of our anime/manga/game-related questions; just send us your answer(s) by using our group notes… . After our first mini-contest is over, this mini-game display will be positioned here(just below our polls) in our frontpage. Remember that these mini-contests will be held without any warnings(no announcements will be given) so be sure to check here often.

Ps. The mini-contest trivia questions will be posted here soon, so check often!

Cosplay-Dolls Mini-Contest, "Please name 7 catgirls from anime, manga, and/or games"(you must give the characters' full names if applicable & also state from which anime, manga, and/or games that they are from as well):

Prize: 200 DA points!


Congratulations to our winner - :iconultranoire: for providing these answers:

1. Ryōchō-sensei (Dorm Mistress) from Maria + Holic

2. Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Mew Mew

3. Merle from Escaflowne

4. Kizna Towryk from Candidate for a Goddess

5. Blair from Soul Eater

6. Yuiko Hawatari from Loveless

7. Haineko (Mastsumoto's Zanpakuto in spirit form) from Bleach

Please submit your answers to our group notes… with the heading "CD's Mini-Contest Submission". The first member to submit the correct answers before anybody else wins! Good luck! ^^



Please visit our truly awesome affiliates listed(by group icons) below:


Gallery Folders

Poison - Capcom by Its-Raining-Neon
Jaina Proudmoore -  The leader of the Kirin Tor by ver1sa
Ragnarok Online : Valkyrie Randgris by Shappi
Female Hayabusa by nadyasonika
Contributors' Cosplay Gallery From A to I
CATHERINE by 0kasane0
Riven battle bunny - League of Legends by JuTsukinoOfficial
Riven battle bunny - League of Legends by JuTsukinoOfficial
HORO - 01 by hexlord
Contributors' Cosplay Gallery From J to O
Fate/Extella - Saber Nero (Babydoll version) by KiaraBerry
Yoko Littner by katyuskamoonfox
Kickin Ass and Takin Names by HezaChan
Puma Twins by HezaChan
Contributors' Cosplay Gallery From P to Z
Psylocke by Shermie-Cosplay
Wonder Woman by NikitaCosplay
Wonder Woman by NikitaCosplay
Poison's Preview by Shermie-Cosplay
Anime And Manga Beauties 5
cosplay nozomi from love live 2 by Lucy-Dark-Dreams
Suigintou - Rozen Maiden - [Cold] by GeniMonster
Sailor Moon: Artemis III by CookieKabuki
Love Live Kotori Little Devil by HollyGloha
PC And Console Game Characters 3
Demon Hunter by MorganaBlackwings
Ink Suit Samus III by RizzyOkuni
Garnet - Freed Canary by CrystalMoonlight1
shantae and the pirate's curse cosplay by LeslieSalas
Sexy Comic-Book Babes
Loki by MorganaBlackwings
Ivy by MariannaInsomnia
Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) cosplay by Martush
Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) cosplay by Martush
Cartoon Cuties

Mature Content

Sexy Pinup Velma by brittanychenteale
Kim Possible Cosplay by brittanychenteale
Rockabilly Jessica Rabbit 3 by KayLynn-Syrin
Rockabilly Jessica Rabbit 2 by KayLynn-Syrin
Catgirls, Bunnygirls, And More Sexy Cos-Pets
Shiranui by Tiny-Fox
Lady by AGflower
Sylveon Gijinka Unplugged Expo 2015 #03 by Lightning--Baron
AX16 - Xerneas by BlizzardTerrak
Derp Miku by GiuAto
Miku Hatsune by GiuAto
Kagamine Rin - Senbonzakura by kanariaangel
Akita Neru - Vocaloid - [Posing] by GeniMonster
Females From Popular Stories And Fairytales
Ariel Closeup by MarcoFiorilli
Characters From Movies, TV, And Music
Barbara Kean - 2 by HanRM1
Original Characters
Cora vol.1 07 by Helios-Alchemy
Group Cosplay Images
Desire of the Endless Cosplay by platypa
Cosplay Couples
Templar by cristell15
Female Cosplayers Cross-Playing Male Roles
Roxas's battle by Kura-Inran
Fanservice Cosplay
Glowy Kitten - Patchouli Knowledge by Linamohl
Miscellaneous Cosplay Photos
Happy Easter!! by DrakariaCosplay
Cosplay Slides, Clips, Animations And Vidoes
Rikku - I'm ready to play! by SoraPaopu
Raven: WIP/ Makeup Test 2 by HarleyTheSirenxoxo
Cosplay Tutorials
Gems tutorial without resin (EN/FR) by Irina-cosplay
Sensuous Pin-Up Dolls
Lady Bathory Blood Bathtub Vampire by NerdySiren
Miscellaneous Non-Cosplay Photos
Something dollish 2 by Titsume
Cosplay-Dolls Group Activities Folder
A Summoner's Call by DigitalHikari
Our Group Mascot Artworks And Photos

Group Policies And Helpful Guide For the Galleries Listed Above!

HOW TO JOIN: :dance:

To become a member, just click on the button, "Join Our Group", located near the top(on the left column) of our frontpage; for present time, all join requests are automatically approved.


We now have our own community chatroom! Wanna discuss about cosplay, modeling, anime, manga, v-games or even about life in general? Click the link below and join us or invite a friend!

Click on this…


:bulletyellow: Favorites - This very special gallery showcase what we consider as true masterpieces that were specifically chosen from our members' absolutely mesmerizing and totally inspiring cosplay(and pin-up) photos which are found in our "Featured" gallery!

:bulletyellow: Featured - This gallery is reserved for the highly exceptional and truly inspiring photos by the totally awesome cosplayers, pin-up models, and highly-skilled photographers from within our own group; all of the stunning images showcased here are exclusively from our members submissions.

:bulletyellow: Contributors' Cosplay Gallery: - As the name implies, these 2 special galleries(grouped and separated by alphabetical order) are reserved for the truly exceptional cosplay photos of our group contributors, and it also houses their personal gallery folders as well.

:bulletyellow: Anime And Manga Beauties: - For the live versions of the popular characters from anime and manga.

:bulletyellow: PC And Console Game Characters: - Cosplay of known characters from the pc/console gaming world.

:bulletyellow: Sexy Comic-book Babes: - Place to showcase your cosplay photos of popular comic-book heroines, villians, and support characters.

:bulletyellow: Cartoon Cuties: - Your cosplay versions of popular cute and/or wacky cartoon characters should be submitted here.

:bulletyellow: Catgirls, Bunnygirls, And More Cos-Pets: - Totally mesmerize your viewers with those photos of yourself transformed into a sexy catgirl and/or other kawaii furry/anthropomorphic creatures.

:bulletyellow: Vocaloids: - A gallery where you can share your awesome vocaloids cosplay photos.

:bulletyellow: Females From Popular Stories And Fairytales: - Cosplay works of popular characters from contemporary literature and child-hood fairytales belong in this folder.

:bulletyellow: Popular Characters From Movies, TV and Music: - Cosplay images of famous entainers from the movies, television shows, and the music industry should be submitted here.

:bulletyellow: Original Characters: - Do you have a photos of yourself dressed as a uniques character that either you or a friend have created for the pure enjoyment of cosplaying? Well, be sure to post them here!

:bulletyellow: Group Cosplay Images: - Dynamic scenes of cosplay images with your male/female pals, or just hanging out together and sharing the fun! Any cosplay photos with two or more cosplayers should be submitted here.

:bulletyellow: Cosplay Couples: - Intimate images of cosplaying couples(male/female or yuri) exchanging hugs, kisses, and other lightly passionate physical contact(no graphic sexual scenes nor nudity allowed)

:bulletyellow: Female Cosplayers Cross-Playing Male Roles: - For our lovely cosplayers who like to challenge themselves by taking on male roles from anime, games, comic-books, etc. Please post any of your cross-play photos submissions inside this gallery.

:bulletyellow: Fanservice Cosplay: - We absolutely love fanservice(showing a bit more to tantalize or striking a sexy pose)! Bra and/or panty shots woud also be posted here to mesmerize our viewers! But please, no nudity(although our sister group Ecchi-Fanartists would definitely appreciate it)...

:bulletyellow: Miscellaneous Cosplay Photos: - Any cosplay photos that do not belong to any of our other galleries...

:bulletyellow: Cosplay Slides, Clips, Animations And Videos: - Cosplay images that have movements of any kind or contain multiple, separate images in a photo(slide) should be posted here.

:bulletyellow: Works-In-Progress: - Please submit only legimate works(meaning that the photo must show effort and not just an ordinary, everyday image) of works-in-progress("WIPs") that would also include props and costumes in this folder.

:bulletyellow: Cosplay Tutorials: - You will find helpful tips, instructions, and guidance from our veteran cosplayers who generously have created and submitted tutorials that will help you find the path to becoming a better cosplayer in this folder.

:bulletyellow: Sensuous Pin-Up Dolls: - For non-cosplay pin-up/glamour photos to share with our group. Please no nudity(we humbly ask that you consider submitting them to Ecchi-Fanartists instead).

:bulletyellow: Miscellaneous Non-Cosplay Photos: - This is where our members should submit their self photos that do not belong to any other catagories offered by our group, such as casual modeling or dramatic scenes. Please do not post any nude photos nor offensive imagessuch as acts of violence) in this folder.

:bulletyellow: Cosplay-Dolls Group Activities Folder: - The place where you will find submissions from our members related to contests, stamps, and miscellaneous group projects posted in this gallery folder.

:bulletyellow: Our Group Mascot Artworks And Photos: - A special gallery reserved for the artworks(the only time we would accept artworks) and cosplay images related to our group's mascots that are submitted by both our staff and our members.


:bulletblue: Only female cosplay photos(cross-plays are allowed) are accepted.

:bulletblue: Please submit your best works.

:bulletblue: Photographers(both males & females) wanting to submit their photos of sexy female cosplayers/models are definitely welcome to do so, and we are happy to have you join us.

:bulletblue: For any submission that is considered as a "mature content"(no graphic sexual scenes nor nudity allowed), please make sure that you have enabled your "mature-filter". Thank you. ^^


:bulletblue: Our group only accepts female cosplay, pin-up, and modeling photographs(but no partial nor full nudity - we humbly asks that you join our sister site :iconecchi-fanartists: and submit them there instead).

:bulletblue: Limit of 5 submission per week(atleast for now) will be accepted from our regular members.

:bulletblue: Except for our Favorites(for all of our members' selected masterpieces from the "Featured" gallery) and Featured(our members' best works are chosen by our dedicated staff and showcased here) galleries, our members have the ability to post(auto-approved for now) their own submissions, as long as it does not violate any of our group submission rules, into any of our catagorized galleries until further notice.

:bulletblue: Although the focus of our group is to showcase sexy female cosplay(also pin-up and modeling) images, we do not accept any that contains partial and/or full nudity since our group is open to the general dA audience for membership(both males and females can join), so please consider joining our sister site Ecchi-Fanartists (where mature contents, including nudity for both cosplay and pin-up photographs, are allowed as long as they adhere to the group's submission guidelines) and submit your works there.

Types of Photo Submissions That We Do Accept:

:bulletgreen: Cosplay photos of popular anime, manga, and pc/console game female characters(crossplays are only allowed as long as it is a female playing a male role)

:bulletgreen: Photos of original characters created by our members

:bulletgreen: Sexy anthropomorphic and furry cosplays(such as catgirls, bunnygirls, etc.)

:bulletgreen: Supernatural characters(angels, demons, fairies, elves, etc.) cosplay

:bulletgreen: Popular volcaloid idols cosplay photos

:bulletgreen: Cosplay from the movies, television series, and literature

:bulletgreen: Group cosplay photographs(this is the only time that you can have male cosplayers included along with female cosplayers in the picture)

:bulletgreen: Fanservice cosplay(for cosplay photos that is just bit more revealing but without nudity - mature filters might have to be enabled if it is not suited for the general audience)

:bulletgreen: Pin-up photo-shoots(not really cosplay but accepted into our group just long as there are no nudity involved - lingerie & bikini images are fully acceptable and mature filters might have be enabled for some of the more "risque" submissions)

:bulletgreen: Miscellaneous non-cosplay photos that are reserved for our members' general modeling works

Type of Submissions That We Do Not Accept:

:bulletred: Absolutely no male cosplay photographs(exceptions are crossplays, where females dress-up as males, and group cosplay photos where they are included with female cosplayers); any male cosplayers are welcome to join our sister site :iconaspiringanimeartists: where we welcome both male and female cosplay photographs to our appropriate galleries

:bulletred: Anything showing partial or full nudity will not be accepted(please consider joining our sister group Ecchi-Fanartists and submit them there instead)

:bulletred: No depiction of any sexual acts including masterbation(even implied)

:bulletred: Except for light kissing and hugging, anything more graphic yuri(girl-girl) images are not allowed

:bulletred: Definitely nothing illegal or obviously against DA submission policies

:bulletred: No low-quality(picture resolution) nor mediocre(the overall picture that is displayed) images; please try to submit best work(s) if you don't want your submissions to be removed by our group's administrators

:bulletred: No images of extreme graphical violence, gore, and/or excessive blood

:bulletred: Any submissions to our group that you've "placed in storage" will be deleted from our galleries

:bulletred: Any stolen photos from another source(s) will not be tolerated and will be promptly removed from our galleries along with receiving just one warning from our staff, after which the offending member will be permanently banned from our group after the second violoation


:bulletred: Do not spam.

:bulletred: No flaming nor insults are allowed for any of our members' submissions or towards others within our community. You will get only one warning after you violate this rule, then will be permanently banned from our group on the second offense! Trolls and/or those who belong to known hate groups are definitely not welcome in our community.

Do you consider the staging of the background to be a significant factor in order to enhance the overall presentation/quality of your cosplay photoshoot? 

73 deviants said Yes, it is truly important to take the time to properly set-up(and spend more money, if necessary) the background to complete the illusion of the character that I am trying to portray.
34 deviants said Although it has merit, we should mainly concentrate our efforts(and save the money in order to have the next photo-session sooner) on the costumes instead while trying to best utilize the natural environment that can be used for free.
2 deviants said Actually, I have a different opinion...(please specify)

Which type of personality do you most enjoy portraying for your cosplay needs? 

63 deviants said Seductive
32 deviants said Villainous
28 deviants said Outgoing
17 deviants said Combative
14 deviants said Righteous
13 deviants said Idiotic / Comical
10 deviants said Introvert
10 deviants said Other (Please Specify)


Journal Entry: Wed Oct 22, 2014, 2:26 PM

If you are an active member of our group and have your own internet homepage and/or have social media links(such as Facebook, Twitter, Pixiv, etc.) that you want to share with your fellow members & watchers, please post them here so that they can click on your provided links and be able to support your works other than just the dA community.  Also, leave a little comment about yourself and submit up to 3 links(or "thumb" images if you are a premium dA subscriber) to your dA gallery submissions if you want to display examples of your truly awesome works(artworks, cosplay, glamour, etc.) with your viewers.  Finally, this special journal will be posted(as a semi-permanent "sticky" and resubmitted on a frequent basis to promote our members below) in our group's frontpage so that it will be more accessible to all of our visitors.

Helpful Guideline:

Leave a comment below with:

    - A little description about yourself and your current projects, hobbies, etc.
    - Links to your homepage and/or social network links

    - Samples(up to 3 links/images) of your work


    "Omnipotent-Elf here and my dream is to become a super-hero, because the hero always gets to wear totally awesome costumes and have all the babes fawning over him...oh, and I also want to bring world peace.  Until my awesome powers finally awaken, I will consider myself as a hero-in-training and take this opportunity to cosplay all of my favorite characters as a way to prepare for my future career.  Anyway, here is my homepage link XXX and you can also find me in the following links below:

     Palmbook Link
     Tweety Link
     Pixy Link

     And I'm including 3 sample images of my absolutely super cosplay photos below:


     I would truly appreciate your support!!!"



*skin by JulienPradet
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