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Presenting Sexy Female Cosplay!

Cosplay Folders and Contests At Our Sister Group

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 5, 2014, 8:18 AM


To show some long over-due love for our much neglected(bad elf!) "imouto group", AspiringAnimeArtists (also known as "A3", is an online community specifically created for showcasing cosplay and art submissions) , and to celebrate their special event of having reached the milestone 1K+ members/watchers, we have finally revised(including multitude of new gallery folders - mostly cosplay related,  and easier to read submission/faq guides), updated(reorganized our members' submissions to proper folders and deleted all of those that are presently displayed as "in storage"...yuck!) , upgraded(now a super-group like our other 2 sister sites in our network) it to better serve our truly awesome members and to validate our commitment in showcasing their excellent submissions its galleries.  So, we humbly ask all of the dedicated cosplayers and talented artists from our sister groups to generously share their passion(if you are both a cosplayer and an artist, that is even better!) with our members/watchers by joining(or even just dev-watching would be awesome!) this growing cosplay/art community and actively submitting their inspirational works to our galleries.  

Another reason to join our sister group?  We're going to pass out dA points as rewards(minimum of 100 dA points each!) for the mini-contests(atleast 3 per week - if our members can provide correct answers, for the next 2 weeks) that we will be holding at AspiringAnimeArtists , starting 4-6-2014(Sunday, Eastern Standard time).  These mini-contests will consist of various challenges, including anime(which most of our cosplayers are experts since they are required to do much research before cosplaying their chosen characters) & our groups-related questions, and will be posted somewhere in A3's frontpage unannounced; the first one(must be a member of AspiringAnimeArtists to participate) to note the group(group notes) with the correct answer(s) will be awarded the points.

A final reason to join?  We will be holding a group mascot contest(must be a member of A3 to enter) right afterwards with the reward being a 1 year dA premium membership(or equivalent dA points if preferred).  The character theme will be a "imouto"('lil sister) type female who will represent our group, AspiringAnimeArtists ; more details will be posted later; it doesn't have to be just artworks since we encourage our cosplayers to participate as well by submitting their cosplay rendition of our upcoming group mascot for A3.  So, why not join and challenge yourself and participate by testing your creative skills with the other talented contestants and also win a 1-year subby(or dA points) in the process?  :woohoo:


I do not know if anyone else have noticed it but our daily pageviews have notably increased during the past month and I am just as baffled as many of our viewers as to the reason(s) why this is happening; both of our sister groups have experienced this as well.  Maybe the folks in the real world have finally recognized the true awesomeness of our members' submissions; we are absolutely lucky to have so many breathtakingly lovely female cosplayers/models and highly-skilled photographers who actively share their truly unforgettable works with our group! Or maybe I have a ton of new fans who like to read my witty group know that I'm kidding, right?  Hopefully, this is a good thing since this means more positive exposure for our member and their submissions showcased in our galleries, which equates to more pageviews, faves, comments, and dev-watches to go around.  And, as the representative of our network's administration, I just want to take this time to express my most heartfelt appreciation to all of our active members, watchers, and visitors for their continued support of our most humble groups! :worship:

- To all of you, my best regards!

Elf Hunter
Founder, Cosplay-Dolls AspiringAnimeArtists Ecchi-Fanartists

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Our Members' Public Service Bulletin Board

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 2, 2012, 1:53 PM
To express our most sincere appreciation to all of our members' for their truly awesome support of our group, I've created(to show our support for all of you) this "Group Bulletin Board"(which will be posted in our site's front page as a "Featured Blog Entry" just above our latest group journal), where our members can post their personal messages/requests related to cosplay, such as announcing cosplay contests being held by our affiliates(or by one of our members), requesting personal support for cosplay events(such as votes, but please do not ask for money), asking for volunteers or assistance for public/personal cosplay projects, etc.

All you need to do is leave your message(s) in the comments section of this journal.

In order to lure our members to actively frequent this group bulletin board and read the comments left by our members, I will offer "easter eggs"(such as 3-months premium dA subscriptions and/or dA points from time to time in our comments section), where the first member to reply to my "comment" will be declared as the winner.

Please note that in order to leave a message and/or participate in the "easter egg" hunt, you must be an active member of our group, Cosplay-Dolls.  Also, any non-sense comments, spam(not related to cosplay), and/or obscene messages will be permanently "hidden" from this journal.

Since this type of "Group Bulletin Board" is the first for our group, we will give it a trial run and see how it is received by our members for the next several months; we will continue this if it is well-received, but will be removed if it is mostly ignored.

- Elf Hunter   :iconelf-hunter:


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Well, I'm Back!!!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 25, 2012, 7:55 PM

I guess I just couldn't stay away, so I have returned from my 7 month haitus(left the DA community for awhile due to significant real-life issues that I had to deal with) to return as the Founder of this truly awesome and unique group with the absolute best(and simply the most beautiful) female cosplayers from all over the world.  Also, I have restored its Super-Group status as well to properly(you have my most sincere respect) showcase our members' totally inspiring cosplay submissions to our galleries.  There will be a great deal of exciting changes that will be coming to Cosplay-Dolls in the next couple of weeks to better serve all of you and to make this site more user-friendly, so we beg your patience and understanding during our much-needed renovation(I also have to re-organize and update all of our gallery folders as well).  Finally, I would like to take this opportunity thank all of our truly dedicated members and watchers for their loyalty and support that they have so generously bestowed upon our most humble group!  

Ps.  Also, allow me to express my most sincerest appreciation to teturo for taking over this group during my long absence from the DA community and for allowing me to function as this site's founder again.

-  Elf Hunter  :iconelf-hunter:


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I apologize for my long silence since taking over as group founder here, but with the new year I thought I would just say hello and thank you to all of the incredible member and administrators for this group.

(I promise I will get in contact with the admins to finally get judging done for the Halloween Contest I just completely spaced on it ^^;)

I wanted to thank everyone who has joined and contributed to this group and point out that thanks to your efforts deviantArt has recognized us as one of the Ten Most Watched Groups founded in 2011 :iconbigmeowplz:

Check it out :w00t:…

Here is hoping that 2012 turns out even better ^_^

Thank You For Allowing Me To Serve You! ^^

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 2, 2011, 4:41 PM

Due to unavoidable real-life issues and declining health, I've decided to step down as the Network Founder of all 3 of our affiliated super-groups( Ecchi-Fanartists , Cosplay-Dolls ,  and AspiringAnimeArtists ) .  And I am absolutely lucky to have my very kind friend and super-talented artist, :iconteturo: , take over as my successor; he is a totally dedicated, capable administrator who has helped to promote the works of countless dA artists in our groups and at his own personal homepage as well.  Finally, please allow me this final opportunity to thank all of our truly awesome members, watchers, and visitors for their friendship, support, and generosity; thank you so very much for allowing me to serve definitely has been a great honor for me.  :worship:

Ps.  I will be be concentrating on the loose ends that need to be taken care of during the next couple of days before I finally step down.

Pps.  We will still hold our 2011 Halloween contest; I will ask :iconteturo: to continue with this exciting event and I will personally award the 3 winners as promised.  

Your Friend Always,

               Elf-Hunter  :iconelf-hunter:

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